Ubuntu 8.04 - Update PHP

Hi, I’m running Virtualmin 3.82gpl on Ubuntu 8.04. Right now I have PHP version 5.2.4-2ubuntu5.17 and I want to update it to the highest supported version. How can I do this? Thanks for any help I may get!

Hi, I just found this post https://www.virtualmin.com/node/20565 where they say that the PHP version depends on the Ubuntu version. Isn’t there a way around this? Is upgrading Ubuntu the only way to update PHP? Thanks!


That’s correct – the PHP version you have available to you depends on on the distribution you’re using. We would always recommend sticking with the packages available to your distribution, it can cause problems to use third party packages, or custom compiled applications.

So if you require newer packages, my recommendation would be to use a newer Ubuntu version.

You could use Ubuntu 10.04, which offers PHP 5.3.2, or you could wait for Ubuntu 12.04 to come out this spring… once it’s supported by Virtualmin, you’ll be able to use a much more recent PHP version.