Ubuntu 8.04 -> 10.04 instructions problems

I’m trying to follow the instructions at http://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/system/os/ubuntu-hardy-to-lucid-distupgrade to upgrade my machine from Hardy to Lucid, but unfortunately there’s a few problems with the instructions - enough problems that I don’t really want to continue by guessing my way past them, but would prefer to wait until I have clarification.

Step 2 -

  • I've converted my virtualmin source to Lucid fine - is it definitely just the virtualmin line we need to change at this point?
  • The new line for the virtualmin-universal source is incorrectly formatted - I'm assuming it should have "main" on the end, ie:deb http://SERIAL:KEY@software.virtualmin.com/ubuntu/ virtualmin-universal main
Step 3 -
  • You don't mention the need to run apt-get update before upgrading apache. Most people should know to do that, but since it's a necessary step it still feels like it should be included (or at least mentioned).
  • Even having run apt-get update, apt-get reports that apache2 is already the latest version
Step 4 -
  • Ignoring apache2 not having been upgraded, and attempting to install/upgrade virtualmin-base gets the following: The following packages have unmet dependencies: virtualmin-base: Depends: apache2-suexec-custom but it is not installable But I guess that's not really surprising, as the fact that apache2 didn't get upgraded already shows that things are not as expected

And finally, assuming all that had worked, exactly what is meant by “dist-upgrade”? Does that just mean we could go ahead and use the standard Ubuntu “do-release-upgrade” script, or does it specifically mean we’d run “apt-get dist-upgrade” after having converted all hardy references to lucid in sources.list?

Has anyone successfully been through the process? And if so, can they post the exact steps they used?

I know this isn’t going to help you with your intended endeavor, but my suggestion would be to ask yourself if it’s not easier to safely put away your vservers, Vmin configuration and system configuration on a backup space, then reformat the box and freshly install Ubuntu 10.04 and Virtualmin, and then restore the backup.

I can imagine that this course of action is faster, cleaner and would bring less hassle and "damn-thisdoesn’t-work-right"s than trying to upgrade the distro. :slight_smile: It’s surely what I would do.

Nope, definitely not easier or quicker.

In any case, regardless of whether or not I were to do things a different way, the published instructions are still wrong.

Same problem, want to upgrade. http://www.virtualmin.com/node/8917 is the post where the incorrect/incomplete instructions originated from. Issue was not resolved there either.


So has no one successfully done this?

I raised an issue for this, but haven’t had any response yet.

So in order to actually make some progress, I just spent four hours or so installing 8.04 in VMWare, installing virtualmin, importing a couple of my more critical domains and attempting the upgrade process.
I followed the instructions where possible, and replaced all hardy with lucid in sources.list (not just the virtualmin line) prior to upgrade, and I used do-release-upgrade to perform the actual upgrade (not apt-get dist-upgrade).
It looked promising, but the result isn’t quite successful.
Some services don’t work - dovecote and sasld in particular, and virtualmin itself doesn’t work either (it just times out when you try to connect).

So I’m going to try again and take better notes this time - including keeping track of all the config file differences I’m prompted to deal with. I suspect that it’s due to me making the wrong call on keeping the old file or using the new one in a couple of cases.

It’s a little bit disappointing I’m having to do this when I’ve paid for support (and just renewed it), and there’s published instructions indicating that this is a supported process, but right now I’m more interested in getting it done.


Yeah, upgrades make things tricky, and it generally requires some additional expertise to perform an upgrade rather than a new installation. Joe had put out distribution upgrade instructions as a courtesy, though they do seem to be lacking a few steps.

The apache2-suexec-custom package may need to be installed along with apache, and apt-get update needs to be run after updating the apt sources.

However, even if the upgrade instructions were perfect, it’d probably still be wise to test it in a Virtual Machine as a precaution, to avoid any downtime :slight_smile: All sorts of unexpected things can go awry during an upgrade, and performing some trials can help.

The decision on whether to keep your old or new config is a tough one… I think my recommendation would be to view the changes between them, but in general to keep your existing one. That would preserve things like your SSL certificates.

If you’re seeing errors with saslauthd or dovecot starting, or Webmin isn’t launching, the key would be to look in the error logs for the daemon in question. For Webmin, that would be in /var/log/miniserv.error.

If you let us know what errors you’re seeing, we can help troubleshoot what’s going on.

Lastly, feel free to update the bug report you submitted, it’s okay to expect a response regarding that :slight_smile: