Ubuntu 6.10 or 7.04

I noticed that 6.06 is the only Ubuntu listed as a supported system, has anybody installed Pro on a Ubuntu 6.10 or 7.04(beta) system? Had any problems with it? The GPL version seems to be working ok on my 6.10 and 7.04 test systems…

Hey Robin,

We don’t support beta versions of any OS at all in the commercial product (GPL, as you’ve noticed will run on just about anything you care to install it on, as long as Webmin knows where everything lives). It’ll probably install on 6.10, but that’s untested.

The reason we are primarily pushing 6.06 is because it has been granted LTS status by the Ubuntu powers that be. Lifespan matters on servers, and the normal life of an Ubuntu release isn’t very good (similar to Fedora’s abysmal 18 months, I believe). So, we recommend 6.06.x LTS for servers. When a 7.0 release goes LTS, we’ll jump right on (well, as fast as we can…new OS support is a big job)

If you don’t mind installing and configuring things manually, you can install Professional in the same way you installed GPL, and things will work fine. We don’t strip any OS support out of Professional–we’re not hostile to users who want to walk a different path. But the automated installation requires binary packages, lots of them, and those aren’t compatible across versions…so we have to sit down with the OS for a week or more to build the packages, test them, and get software repositories setup for it. I haven’t done that for 6.10 (and probably won’t…we’re in the midst of trying to figure out whether we’re doing more harm than good by supporting Operating Systems that we know aren’t a good choice for a server…like Fedora…due to a dangerously short supported lifetime).

I’d still recommend LTS. Long-term stability and security seem more important in the vast majority of cases, than a bleeding edge package or two. 6.06 is already pretty modern.

Ok so now it’s 11/15/07.
I have a Ubuntu 6.10 server which was installed by Serverpronto.com.
Can I be safe in assuming that Vitualmin will work on Ubuntu 6.10 without wierd stuff happening?

Ok so now it's 11/15/07.

I’m not sure what the date has to do with anything. I hope I didn’t give the impression that we were planning to support non-LTS Ubuntu releases in the near future. :wink:

Can I be safe in assuming that Vitualmin will work on Ubuntu 6.10 without wierd stuff happening?

Depends on your definition of “weird stuff”. I have successfully installed on Ubuntu 6.10 when my laptop was running that version of Ubuntu. I don’t think I had to change anything, but it might have required fudging a little in the version detection to make 6.10 detect as 6.06. The packages will probably work (or they did six months ago, when I installed it).

It almost certainly won’t cause any serious damage, if that’s more what you’re asking. But it’s also probably not going to be entirely perfect on installation. Everything is fixable…there’s nothing magical going on during installation that can’t be replicated manually after a partial install. The purpose of install.sh is to make installation really really fast and simple on supported platforms. It isn’t there to dissuade people from running Virtualmin on systems that install.sh doesn’t support.