Ubuntu 20.04 LTS + Virtualmin / Webmin (test results)

I decided to give Ubuntu 20.04 LTS a quick Virtualmin test. I loaded a new machine with 18.04 LTS (min install + Lubuntu gui) , Loaded Virtualmin via the install script, and then ran the the upgrade process. All of this seemed to work very smoothly.

I then “Restored” via Virtualmin a couple of web sites with email.

Issues found.

  1. Webmin. Nothing at all is displayed in the “System >> Running Processes” section of Webmin (all sections), and number of processes displayed on the Dashboard shows “0”.

  2. I tried to recreate the dnssec key in BIND and was greeted with the following message

Creating DNSSEC key for captnslounge.com
… creation failed : dnssec-keygen: fatal: The -r option has been deprecated. System random data is always used.

Is there a way to fix this locally? I’d like to continue if possible and see if I can get a working server.

  1. In the “Servers Status” section of Dashboard, Dovecot is shown as not running. I did a ps -ef| grep dovecot and I’m seeing 4 processes running dovecot. Hard to tell, but I assume that it is running OK.

Food for thought (enhancement request).

  1. The first attempt never got off the ground as I used btrFS. Everything installed correctly, loaded Virtualmin, and then the machine would not boot. Seemed to be using ext4 options in the etc/fstab for the home directory. “data=ordered,relatime,rw,grpquota,usrquota,quota”. Should have had a warning message during Virtualmin install, or support other file systems.

  2. php >> fpm/pool.d … These were all recreated, which means I lost all the php settings that I had. No idea if this is feasable, but could those web_site_fpm.conf files be apart of the backup?


I know this is a simple test I’m conducting and have onlt scratched the surface of Virtual / Webmin, this is looking very hopefull.

Hope this helps a little …

Nigel Aves.

Please wait a little bit. Support for Ubuntu 20.04 is on the way. We have finished pretty much all of the job, almost.


That’s supposed to be detected. It shouldn’t add quota options unless it’s a filesystem that supports them. I’m looking into it.

Nevermind, I see the problem with quotas. Will be fixed in next virtualmin-config package (and by fixed, I mean, it will only try to enable quotas for ext4, since I haven’t done any testing on btrfs or xfs or others).

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