ubuntu 14.10 and 15. webmin and virtualmin support?

I tried to install webmin on ubuntu 15. but it fails
I then tried to install virtualamin on ubuntu 14.10 this fails too. (I had first time round missed the config comment that it only supports up to 14.04.so fair enough. )

My question is now ubuntu 15 and debian jessie is out will virtualmin be updated to support these?
Are the pro versions any different?

thanks C


Virtualmin only supports the Ubuntu LTS versions – so 10.04, 12.04, and 14.04. Virtualmin will support Ubuntu 16.04 as well when that comes out since it’s an LTS release.

We’re preparing support for Debian 8, that will be available shortly.

However, there won’t be support for Ubuntu 14.10 or 15.04, as they aren’t LTS releases.


thanks that’s useful feedback. C

thanks that’s useful feedback. C

Dear Eric.
Ubuntu 16,x came out yesterday and I tried it, but as you mentioned it didn´t work.
When will it be available?
If I install ubuntu 14.4 can I later once you update your version upgrade to Ubuntu 16.x?
Many thanks in advance.

We’re finalizing Ubuntu 16.04 support as we speak, it’ll be out very soon!

I’d like to say it’ll be out later today, but that might be pushing it… very likely this weekend though.


that sounds great Eric!

Dear Eric. Yes indeed. It sounds very nice… can I be informed with this update?
or do i have to check this page: http://www.webmin.com/vchanges.html every day?
Hoping to hear from you.

Hello again…
Any news on the matter ? :slight_smile:
Many thanks in advance.

We haven’t made an official announcement yet on support for Ubuntu 16.04 – but we did indeed just push out support for it. We’ve discovered a handful of issues, but in general they’re relatively minor. There’s more info on all that here:


We’ll be making an official announcement soon, hopefully today!