Ubuntu 14.04 Virtualmin clamd Clamscan clamav

Clamd clamscan clamav is causing me serious problems on my Linode platform. I have a 2gb node running Virtualmin/Webmin and it is experiencing OOM errors and Kernel panics due to Clamd clamscan clamav processes.

How can I disable clam antivirus scanning on my Virtualmin installation. Or stop clam taking all the memory. There are only a few users on this node at present. It is hosting a number of websites but with only light traffic.

Urgent advice or help needed, the node has panicked twice in the last three days. All I can see in the logs is the following as an example:

Apr 23 11:37:38 kernel: Out of memory: Kill process 29108 (clamscan) score 72 or sacrifice child
Apr 23 11:37:38 kernel: Killed process 29108 (clamscan) total-vm:363604kB, anon-rss:204192kB, file-rss:48kB

Many thanks for your attention.


Go to Virtual server - Edit Virtual Server - Enabled features - Uncheck “Virus filtering enabled” for all. After that Email Messages - Spam and Virus Scanning - Disable ClamAV server. Not sure if can work to just disable the clamav server but you can try or other solution could be to disable “Virus filtering” in Account plans, Save and apply, and then turn off clamav server. Once done i would check what is going on. It could be that some websites are using too much memory, e.g. some rogue plugin for wordpress, and you need to sort this or upgrade your VPS with more memory.


After disabling ClamAV, if you continue to have problems, you may want to let us know some more details about your server, as a 2GB Linode should be plenty to host a low traffic website.

The output of these commands would be helpful:

free -m ps auxwf

thank you both for your replies. We have put some additional logging in place today to try and understand the build up to the OOM condition. I will post back results.

Many thanks