Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Support?


As Ubuntu 12.04 is an LTS release, I assume it will be a Grade A supported OS for Virtualmin.

I see that updates have been released for Webmin and Usermin to support 12.04, but what about Virtualmin?

Does the automated install script support it yet?


It doesn’t yet, but is in the making of doing so. :slight_smile: I assume it won’t be long before it’s updated.

I just had a look through the repositories and can see there is now a precision directory.

Looking forward to official support being released, I’m using the Dotdeb repos at the moment with Debian 6, so I can use php-fpm with nginx, but I would like to switch back to official repos which Ubuntu 12.04 will allow me to do.

We’ll be announcing it once it’s working properly – there’s just a few more small issues to work through!

Is there any chance on getting a release candidate of the GPL version? I’m rolling out a server today with 12.04 LTS and wanted to get this setup ASAP including use of Virtualmin, and if the “issues” are non issues for some folks, I’m sure they won’t mind using it.

There’s now beta versions of the Ubuntu 12.04 installer for both Virtualmin Pro and GPL. There’s more details on what to expect here: