ubuntu 12.04 faster than centos 6.2?

I created to virtual machines (on the same host) and installed centos 6.2 and ubuntu 12.04 (and virtualmin). Then installed a php web application on the centos 6.2 virtual server and cloned that virtual server on ubuntu via the virtualmin restore feature.

Everything run smoothly on both systems, but I noticed that web application e on Ubuntu is roughly 10% faster. I didn’t really do a scientific test, but that web app displays time to create a page in x.xx seconds and there is a 10% difference.

Any idea why Ubuntu would be faster?


Well, I’m not really sure… there’s a variety of possible reasons there.

Some default settings between those two distros could cause that.

Also, some apps look for a certain dependency, and if that dependency doesn’t exist, fall back to a different dependency.

The primary dependency may be faster than the fallback.

It’s possible Ubuntu installs that particular dependency by default, causing the app to run faster.

However, Ubuntu 12.04 is 2 years newer than CentOS 6, and comes with newer software versions, a newer kernel, and such – that newer software may be faster.

So, I’m not entirely certain, but the above are some guesses as to why you may be seeing that.


Thanks, in any case amazing. Maybe somebody else noticed something similar?

both systems may permorm differently in a VPS too. In any case, no matter what distro, you would still want to optimize it for whatever use you will put it. Hardly any webhoster runs a default installation.

I have been using centos for quite a while already and optimized “to some extent” (but still apache/fcgid and not nginx/fpm). On ubuntu I used the default settings.