Ubuntu 12.04 Cloudmin installation fails

The installation of Cloudmin installation on Ubuntu precise for testing purposes by executing the installer script quits with the error

E: Unable to locate package libdigest-sha1-perl .. install failed

libdigest-sha1-perl has been removed from the Ubuntu 12.04 repository: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/core/precise/universe/base/libdigest-sha1-perl.

Please advise a workaround without manually install libdigest-sha1-perl from an old repository.

Hmm, reading this Launchpad bug report:


It sounds like they’re saying that the functionality is now provided by the “libdigest-sha-perl” package, which is part of perl-base.

It sounds like that may require some tweaks in Cloudmin. Could you file a bug report, using the “Support” link above – and then Jamie will be able to add the appropriate tweaks.