Ubuntu 10 + Suexec + Fcgi + www-data Problem

Hi I use over a year Ubuntu 8 with virtualmin Pro, all fine thanks.

Now Its time to Upgrade to Ubuntu 10 (LTS etc.) I installed a new system and get a problem where I need help.

All my Old Importet Domains run with the User www-data, thats a big Problem, I tried different offered solutions “Default PHP” Mode etc.

Nothing happend at the moment I instaled a second clean system but the same Problem,
I created a test account (fresh) and don’t importet my backups, but the thame my Sripts runs under www-data user not under the account user.

OK I hope someone can help me.

Thanks Pierre

you can make the domains under the old server first run as mod_fcgid then make a backup…
or make the defaults on the new server first mod_php, then import, then set them to mod_fcgid.

or someone else may have a different solutions


It sounds like suexec isn’t working correctly… you’ll want to make sure the “apache2-suexec-custom” package is installed (you can do that with “apt-get install apache2-suexec-custom”.

Also, what are the contents of the file “/etc/apache2/suexec/www-data”?

It should be configured to use /home as it’s path.

Lastly, are you seeing any errors in any of the Apache logs when attempting to run PHP code?


my old Domains runs with mod_fcgid, that was no Prob. I think its saved in the Backups. The Problem exists with a new createt Domain / account, too.

I putted “apt-get install apache2-suexec-custom” in the Terminal and it says all fine all installed.
In the first system withe the Prob under Ubuntu 10 the content from “/etc/apache2/suexec/www-data” is “/home” like the standart after a fresh Virtualmin install.

Now second the install: the content from “/etc/apache2/suexec/www-data” is “/home/www/”
because in the System Configuration I set the Path to “/home/www”

I have in both Systems the same prob…

Thanks Pierre

You can see the solution here: