Ubuntu 10.04 LTS or Debian 5 for new Virtualmin install

I presently have E6600 2.4GHZ i86 64 based box with FC9 with Webmin and Virtualmin pro installed. We provisioned this sever in 2009 in anticipation of launching an updated site. The old site is on FC4 box and is tired and full of potential security holes. So we have decided to pick up were we left off in 2009.
After studying Fedora and all the insane releases and short life span of each release. I have decided to look at other alternative’s. I am looking for some advice in which direction to go, Ubuntu or Debian or ?
I came across VM in 2009 after looking for a strong alternative to plesk. Well I found that in Virtualmin and was treated to first rate suppor.t Jamie installed VM on my FC9 box and was very pleased with the results.

I favor Intel so, changing architecture is no option, and I would like this server to take our site down the road for another five years. Any and all advice is graciously appreciated!


Since Ubuntu actually is Debian-based with some different packaging, and since both systems are “Grade-A supported” (which means the run-and-play automated installer supports them fully) I suppose it’s mostly a matter of personal preference and taste which system you wish to use.

I personally am using Ubuntu Server for quite a while now, since Ubuntu was my first contact with the Linux world and I sticked with it, and the 10.04 LTS is running all happily on my VMWare virtual machines - hosted on an Intel Core i7 based machine.

Then again, I have no real comparison, since Ubuntu is all I ever used Linux-wise. :slight_smile: So probably some other users here who know both your intended options can say more.

A couple of additional notes –

It’s wise to look into all this, as Fedora 9 reached it’s end of life last year, so there aren’t any updates for that either :slight_smile:

In addition to Ubuntu and Debian, you also have the option of using CentOS. It’s quite similar to the Fedora systems you’re used to, but with a longer lifespan. CentOS 6 should be coming out in the next few weeks here (and Virtualmin’s support shortly there after).

Whether to use CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian really just comes down to personal preference. I’m with Locutus in that I like Ubuntu (I use 8.04, since not all PHP apps I run are compatible with the PHP 5.3 that ships with the newer Ubuntu 10.04). The most commonly used distro for Virtualmin installations is CentOS. But there’s also quite a few Debian users as well – so it’s really a personal preference sort of thing :slight_smile:


Good luck with your endeavors! And the first step towards success might be to spell the OS of your choice correctly… It’s called “Ubuntu”. :wink:

Eric & Locutus

Thank you very much for your advise and experience. I have spent the last couple of days studying the three class A OS. Ubuntu. Debian and CentOS. I think I am going to give Ubuntu a try for the time being, I have several months before we will be ready to launch the new site and have time to make changes if necessary.


Thank you for the correction, I have not really fallen head over heals for the name Ubuntu. Don’t really care for the name Ubuntu at all. My choice was based more so how the OS is put together and how well the OS is supported. So you are are a fan of Star Trek?

I’m sorry, didn’t mean to offend you. My comment was meant rather jokingly.

Yepp, I quite like Star Trek, and indeed that where my name comes from. :slight_smile: It’s not my “most favorite” sci-fi show (there’s Babylon 5 and Stargate which rank higher), yet when it was time to choose an online nickname back then, Locutus seemed like a good choice. And it stuck ever since.