two restore issues

In restoring a failed server I set up Ubuntu server 14.02 and set a master admin password for a user to have appropriate privileges. After setting up some sites and doing restores I was asked to change the admin password. I did this using ssh to a user prompt then sudo passwd “user” I can now log in using ssh as that user but virtualmin’s login dialogue won’t accept the login. I’ve already had one 24 hour holiday by failing login three times. Logging in using vm as a site owner works ok as does ssh.


A site backup that I’d like to restore seems to be an unzipped version - call it x.tar. I can look at it with the archive manager and it sems to have all the content I would expect vm’s backup facility to capture. no x.dom or files, just the tarball. Anyone have experoience with this?



If the user has both a system login, and a Webmin login, changing the SSH password won’t change the Webmin password.

My suggestion for how to change a password would be go into Edit Virtual Server -> Configurable Options, and there you can change a Virtual server owners password.

Also, if you ever get locked out of Webmin/Virtualmin for inputting the wrong password, you can always just restart Webmin. That will remove any active blocks.


I can now login to virtualmin using the master admin id and password I set for the master admin and also can login using ssh as the same id but a different password.

When I login to site:20000 and put in the master admin id and password I get the admin screen for the server owner for the restored site but have no master virtualmin admin capabilities although the top left pane tags me as an extra admin, presumably on the default site. It isn’t clear to me whether I have a conflict with two passwords for a single id in two contexts. If I log in to VM as the site owner and with the appropriate password that works fine.

Do you have any experience or suggestions here?