Two Different Virtualmin Installs?


Either I missed something incredibly obvious or I don’t have Virtualmin installed correctly - or something.

On one machine I have, which works well, there is a menu bar on the left hand side of the screen. At the top of that menu bar are two hyperlinks. One hyperlink says "Virtualmin" and the other says "Webmin". Clicking either link takes me to the appropriate set of controls… either Virtualmin or Webmin.

On a different machine, there is no link to virtualmin at the top of the left hand menu bar, but there is a "Virtualmin" listed in the modules section where I can go to configure various virtualmin settings.

Have I failed to install virtualmin correctly on the second machine?

Have I failed to install virtualmin correctly on the second machine?

Something failed. Maybe you, maybe If you didn’t use, then you failed. If you used, then it failed. :wink:

The actual cause of the symptom is that you aren’t using the Virtualmin Framed Theme, but are using some other theme. Currently the only theme really designed for Virtualmin (and providing that Virtualmin menu) is the Virtualmin Framed Theme. So, any other theme you use will lack that menu.

Ehhh… and so the fix is what, exactly?

How did you install Virtualmin? The actual solution depends on that :slight_smile:

Ultimately, you need to be using the framed theme, but how to use that depends on how you installed.

Too many things installed in a short period of time to recall that. I actually do recall running from the command line, because I remember the silly warnings about not doing so, however, I thought that for some reason I aborted it and installed some webmin module version or who knows what from the webmin site.

It worked swimmingly with no input from me during install on the first box. Would it be simplest to remove and reinstall virtualmin on the second box as opposed to trying to troubleshoot it?

For solving this particular issue, I’m sure we can get your theme installed in no-time.

If you installed Virtualmin as a module, you may just need to install the virtual-server-theme module as well (which can be done in Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Webmin Modules).

However, if this server isn’t live yet, and isn’t running anything of value – using the does save headaches down the road since it configures all sorts of goodies for you. If your system is live though, using the installer is just going to cause trouble :slight_smile:

Well, there’s a dual edged sword for ya. The machine isn’t live, but I do have lots of stuff configured in preparation for it going live.

I am relatively sure that running will not interfere with my other stuff - basically, just the individual server settings, etc.

Thanks, I’ll run it this weekend.