Tuesday website updates

Howdy all,

So we’re about one week into the new site, and things are getting closer to working well. Things are going a little slower than I’d planned. We took a detour to start work on OpenVZ support in Cloudmin and LXAdmin/Kloxo migration support in Virtualmin GPL and Professional due to the recent shake up in the industry and a lot of refugees from those products coming our way, but we’re mostly back on track now.

Eric and I have started migrating and reorganizing the Cloudmin documentation, which we expect to wrap up in another day or two. We’ll have to write some additional docs for the OpenVZ support, once Jamie

Several fixes to the website have been applied, specifically:

Operating system field should now be visible and settable in the issue tracker. Since operating system is the single most important piece of information after the description of the problem, this is a big improvement. It was invisible due to this field having the wrong permissions.

The Virtualmin Support module has been updated to work with the new website, and I’ll be rolling that out sometime tonight. For some reason, I can’t make tickets submitted this way trigger a notification email, so I’m still working on that. Hopefully that won’t take long to fix. I’m also working on making this module and the code I wrote for Drupal generic enough to be used by anyone that uses Drupal project_issue as their issue tracker. I’ve mentioned before that we plan to release a few Drupal modules in the coming months for interacting with Virtualmin and sharing data between the two systems. This will be one of them.

I’m midway through the new API docs generator/importer script, so all of the docs from the command line and remote commands will soon be back in place, both for Virtualmin and Cloudmin. Hopefully that’ll be wrapped up by tomorrow. I just need to figure out how to replace existing nodes in Drupal, and how to set the URL alias during node creation.

Oh, and during all of this I was also talking to the O’Reilly folks about OSCON, and we’ll have a table in the Expo Hall. So, anybody going to OSCON in July should drop by. We’ll have some awesome new Webmin T-shirts (assuming I can get some printed fast enough) to give away, and we’re always excited to meet Virtualmin/Webmin users.

Back to work!