Trying to setup email, but there's no "Read Mail" in Webmin > Usermin Configuration?

I’m trying to setup email, but there’s no “Read Mail” in Webmin > Usermin Configuration?

I’m following the setup guide here:,webmail_and_virtualmin but no email working yet.

Anyone know what to select when Read Mail isn’t there, or another way of setting up the email server?


Hmm, I think you were asking about setting up an email server here as well:

You really shouldn’t have to do much to get an email server running…

The documentation you mentioned above is old documentation, and isn’t a necessary step to get email working. The steps described in there to setup Usermin are performed automatically on systems installed with the script.

I had asked some questions regarding the problem(s) you’re seeing in your other request – let us know what exactly isn’t working, and we can assist in troubleshooting.