Trying to import from DirectAdmin makes error and makes not work

Problem- in phpmyadmin getting Error establishing a database connection after trying to “Migrate Virtual Server” from Directadmin backup.
when i delete imported website then phpmyadmin works again.

Digitalocean 512mb ram ubuntu 64bit installation.
Install virtualmin latest today (while asked in installation step)
user root
—didnt wanted to mess all up so wanted to import with not root user so to get new user i need also new server
In Virtual min “Create server” with new user abc
install phpmyadmin for all databases
rename to namename (yes without com)
try Migrate Virtual Server type 1.
delete namename (i did to get rid of username abc)

===Phpmyadmin still working with root couse user abc was removed with removing of server it was created with.
try Migrate Virtual Server type 2.

====now 2 ways to get this phpmyadmin problem
-----Migrate Virtual Server type 1.
Making server abc3
then importing to existing user
Subserver settings
maybe forgot some settings for witch it worked finally
Failed to migrate virtual server : Missing user line to modify virtualmin
also cant anymore log in with user abc to virtualmin

-----Migrate Virtual Server type 2
Importing on clean install
Username for domain abc not working saying it exists
Username for domain abc2
Password for administrator abc22
Default server settings
Failed to migrate virtual server : Missing user line to modify
it imports one page but on second it stops.
it makes also username from old database virtualmin usernames