Trying to get Greylisting setup

I have had to reinstall my virtualmin pro system and am trying to get Greylisting setup, it always worked for me before but now when I try and enable it, I get:-
Enabling Greylisting

Enabling Postgrey at boot time …
… already enabled

Starting Postgrey server …
… started OK

Configuring Postfix to use Postgrey …
… configured to use port

<- Return to greylisting options

When I select return to greylisting options I get:-

Email Greylisting

Greylist is a technique to reduce spam by initially rejecting email the first time another mail server tries to contact your server. Real mail servers will re-try after a short delay, but those operated by spammers typically will not. Thus legitimate email still gets delivered, but spam does not.

Greylisting is not currently fully enabled on your system. Click this button to have Virtualmin configure it.

Operating system CentOS Linux 5.7 Perl version 5.008008
Path to Perl /usr/bin/perl BIND version 9.3.6
Postfix version 2.3.3 Mail injection command /usr/lib/sendmail -t
Apache version 2.2.3 PHP version 5.1.6
Webalizer version 2.01-10 Logrotate version 3.7.4
MySQL version 5.0.77 ProFTPd version 1.33
SpamAssasssin version 3.3.1 ClamAV version 0.97.3

Virtualmin 3.89 (installed 23/Jan/2012) which has been fully updated with all available updates.

Any clues why this may be not working for me as it is driving me nuts?

Problem, now resolved, some system services were not started and not setup tostart onboot.