Trouble with MySQL after creating a virtual server


After creating a virtual server (through virtualmin on a centos 5.3 system) I got the following message:

. MySQL database failed! : SQL flush privileges failed : Table ‘mysql.servers’ doesn’t exist at …/ line 1323.

When I search for / via terminal, I can’t find it. And my phpmyadmin page is not accessible anymore either. When I try to go there, it says “not found on this server”. It was working fine before the creation of the virtual server.

I am able to service mysql restart at terminal without a problem which leads me to believe it’s a problem with virtualmin.

Any help is appreciated. thanks.


It sounds like something is awry with your database. There’s a few things that can cause that… it can sometimes occur during database upgrades, for example.

One possible fix would be to locate the “mysql_fix_privilege_tables” that’s provided with your version of MySQL, and to run that – it may be able to solve that for you.


Thanks for the reply. I ended up reinstalling my OS so i could install webmin and virtualmin over a fresh install. I didn’t have much on there anyways. Everything seems to be running ok now. It’s amazing how simple things can be when you follow the recommended procedure. Now i just have to figure out why access to my website is denied. probably have to set permissions somewhere. I’ll figure it out. Thanks again.