Trouble with creating virtual hosts

Hello there again,

The last question for the night. I am using a VPS with Sentos 5.5 on the VPS. I was creating a Virtual server and I am getting through most this but there are a couple places where it fouls up. The first place being the mail and in that case I went in to root and did a:

postmap “/etc/postfix/virtual”

with absolutely no errors from the command line and then it had trouble doing the webalizer setup for the server. This is where it stopped. i am pasting below the actual output of the error:

Setting Up Virtual Server
Setting Up Virtual Server
In domain
Creating administration group scottbb …
… done

Creating administration user scottbb …
… done

Creating aliases for administration user …
… aliases failed : Failed to regenerate table /etc/postfix/virtual: at /usr/libexec/webmin/ line 1360.

Adding administration user to groups …
… done

Creating home directory …
… done

Creating mailbox for administration user …
… done

Adding new DNS zone …
… done

Adding to email domains list …
… Mail for domain failed! : Failed to regenerate table /etc/postfix/virtual: at /usr/libexec/webmin/ line 1360.

Adding new virtual website …
… done

Adding Apache user apache to server’s group …
… done

Performing other Apache configuration …
… done

Setting up scheduled Webalizer reporting …

That as far as it went. Thanks anyone for helping me out.

Hmm… this in combination with your other post are starting to make me wonder if Virtualmin is running into resource limitations while trying to execute processes.

Is there a file on your system named “/proc/user_beancounters”? If so, what are it’s contents?


here is the output from user_beancounters:
uid resource held maxheld $
144100: kmemsize 7698529 12609455 $
lockedpages 0 8 $
privvmpages 101908 131948 $
shmpages 3242 4586 $
dummy 0 0 $
numproc 61 104 $
physpages 56181 83255 $
vmguarpages 0 0 $
oomguarpages 56379 83467 $
numtcpsock 102 107 $
numflock 7 14 $
numpty 1 1 $
numsiginfo 0 9 $
tcpsndbuf 1787736 1787736 $
tcprcvbuf 1679920 3035336 $
othersockbuf 254496 374016 $
dgramrcvbuf 0 43760 $

Okay, from what I see in the output there – you may not have enough dedicated RAM.

It looks like only about 340MB of your RAM is dedicated. It looks like you have 540MB of burst – but that’s not guaranteed memory, anything in that realm can be killed at any time to make room for RAM in other VPS users on your server.

I think what you may require is more dedicated RAM – and even at that point, that’s considered a low-memory system, you’d want to make sure your using as little RAM as possible. You can use this document to get some ideas on limiting memory usage: