Trouble replacing SSL certificate, need help...


My current Wildcard SSL certificate for a particular domain expired recently. Rather then renewing I chose to purchase a single domain certificate from a new provider. However, when I install it I receive the following error:

“Failed to install certificate : Certificate problem detected : Certificate and private key do not match”

Then I discovered that on the “Current Certificate” tab is still states all of my former SSL information.

Now I’m wondering how I can delete that certificate information and replace it with the new certificate information. Can anyone help? Thank you!


Your new certificate uses a different private key from the existing one. You probably chose the default option which is to use the existing private key for the newly copied certificate.

Are you installing it from the “Server Config -> Manage SSL certificates” menu? If so go to the “new certificate tab” and upload the certificate again. This time choose to provide a new key and paste it in the box again the private key. That will fix it.