Trouble getting AWStats and Webalizer to work

I am running Debian 6 and it appears that AWStats is not working for any domains on my server. For the domains that it is enabled, I can see the following in cron for all enabled domains:


However that command appears to do nothing. Executing it from the command line produces no output at all. /var/log/virtualmin/domain.com_access_log appears to be populated correctly when visiting the site. How can I debug this?

I noticed that Webalizer doesn’t appear to be working either, so perhaps it is something common to both programs that is causing this. I’ve updated the title.


Do you see the same thing when running the Webalizer cron job on the command line – that it hangs there for a few moments, then goes back to the command line with no errors?

What do you see when you go into awstats or webalizer – do you get an error of some sort? Or does it just not show any stats?


Hi Eric,

Executing the command in the AWStats cron job produces no output whatsoever. It just hangs for about 3-4 seconds and goes back to the command line. The same goes with the cron job for webalizer.

I also don’t see any errors in either awstats or webalizer, just no stats since about June, which was just before I switched to this server.



I tried everything I could possibly imagine to get it to work. All config files appeared to be correct. Everything pointed to the correct paths, log formats matched up, permissions were all good. Finally I issued a reinstall of awstats and now it appears to be working.