Trial license?

Hi Jamie,

I have sent you a couple of emails already asking for a trail license. Did you get my emails, at all?

No, I don’t think I did … did you send them to ? If so, what address did you send them from?

mmm, how can I PM you? I don’t want want to advertise my email here.

Jamie, I just sent you an email now - did you get it?

Yes, I got it ok this time … I will setup an account for you later today

Although the trial / demo for Cloudmin isn’t available yet I’d recommend anyone with two or more Virtualmin Pro machines considers it an essential purchase. We have only had our physical license for a couple of days but it is already starting to show amazing benefits for the current cost!


Hello Jamie,

I Just sent you an email to get a trial version.

Can you reply when you have a chance please !