Translations/Users | "links-cache" folder (usage/benefit)

  • /etc/webmin/virtual-server/links-cache

  • situation in which not only 1 Administrator but also many users that login and use different language each one
    (e. g. up to 6 languages)

  • what’s the usage of that folder?

If i change translations inside /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/lang
i don’t see the translations if i don’t empty the links-cache folder…

you should correct this method to cache the links

so, keep in mind 1 Administrator BUT many users and more languages

when the Virtualmin users choose their own language, they have not to see issues or mixed languages…

How to fix? maybe you have to put hand to the code? empty that folder each time the user changes the language? OR ?


maybe “actions-root” is different by global and i didn’t see the changes 'cause i was logged as root…but if i had been logged as another user I’d seen the correct stuff? can you explain better the difference between actions and global? thanks