Transfer Virtual Server problem


I try to transfer one of my virtual servers to another host using the Transfer Virtual Server interface.
I can connect to the destination server via ssh from my original server but using only a specific user name and ssh key.
As I understand Virtualmin tries to use some default settings when create an ssh connection. How can I change it?

That how it should work? Normally I would use ‘root’ to migrate a virtual container. If you can connect what is it that you are trying to do/ not working. Assume firewall is open on both servers.

I came across the same problem just a while ago. I couldn’t use a public key, only the password worked.
I didn’t test this, but perhaps it’s because the remote ssh server is configured to accept both a key or a password. Maybe it if is restricted to RSA auth only that would work.

I think yes - I must be able to set up somewhere how to connect to remotes server for transfer purposes.

What if ‘root’ is disabled for the ssh access (and I cannot change it) but there is another user. But I cannot find the way how to tell about it to Virtualmin and also setup ssh key that Virtualmin can use it for the connection.

What do you think if I said I am able to connect? But I can do it from the terminal session and not using Virtualmin’s Transfer Virtual Server interface

In my case only ssh key access is possible. So the question is where are the settings that Virtualmis uses for the connection to the remote server. I am sure it tries to do something like

scp -r /root/backups

and that is the problem in my specific case.

Honestly, I can do everything manually using scp but if Virtualmin has this Transfer Virtual Server feature I prefer to use it

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