Transfer virtual server fails

I have an old server with Community version of Virtualmin installed. It handles emails for a bunch of domains on an old debian.
Meanwhile I purchased the Pro license and have setup a brand new server with the latest Debian (10) and installed Virtualmin Professional on it.
Now I would like to transfer all the domains, so I can turn off the old one.
I have ssh setup on both servers and I can connect the new system from the old one in the console without problem through ssh via pubkey.

However, when I trie to transfer a domain, I get this message:

Failed to transfer server : Failed to contact Virtualmin on destination system : Permission denied (publickey).

In auth.log this is all I get as a message is this:
{hostname} sshd[10739]: Connection closed by authenticating user root xx.xx.xx.xx port 34796 [preauth]

Thanks in advance for any hint!

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