Too much memory and CPU usage

OS type and version Almalinux 8.6
Webmin version 20.21
Virtualmin version 7.5
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My server was running smoodly for the last couple of years, suddenly I’m having trouble with mysql process consuming too much memory and cpu, my mariadb is updated, how can i proceed? I barely have access to virtualmin since it just takes forever to load.

Fixed. Restarted the vps, before the cpu and memory got to 100% i switched to ClamAV.

What were you using? Memory issues seem to be cropping up a lot very recently.

I was using the clamscan

You were already using ClamAV (I see clamscan in the list of processes), but you were using the standalone scanner that starts a new clamav process on every single email received, which simply cannot work, no matter how much memory you throw at it. It takes minutes and about 1GB of memory for every clamscan process.

I assume you mean you switched to clamd and clamdscan, which only starts one clamav process (consuming about 1GB of RAM). It’s still a resources pig, but much less destructive than trying to start one every time an email comes in.

Exactly. The weird thing is that i always used the standalone scanner, and never had this much memory consumed. But I’m glad its fine now.

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