Too Many mysqld processes

Hi There,

I have a set-up in AWS (t2.small) running a couple of Wordpress sites, I see increseanly amount of mysqld processes for no reason, the wordpress sites are very low trafic, if any, so there should not be a reason for this consumption. Any ideas ?

Ubuntu 16 installed from “script installer”


Thanks in advanced.

No idea ? this is crazy, several set-ups, same issue ( all same settings ubuntu 16 AWS or a VM on a dedicated server)

please, what does Virtualmin have to do with “mysqld processes” ?

Of course, you may have a high wait_timeout on the .cnf and so the connections, even if idle, keep opened for a long time and also you need to check your max_connections value…
to be related to what you really need…

that’s it, no Virtualmin matter here



*** If you’re using CentOS 7, MySQL was replaced by MariaDB. In fact most distros did the same things in their latest releases. ***

If you have MariaDB installed, you should be able to find the log file at:


*** If it’s not there, the location should be listed in /etc/my.cnf ***

Hopefully the log will tell you a little more about what’s going on.