Tomcat and VirtualMin

Hi. I’ve read a bunch of posts on Tomcat with VirtualMin, so I have some idea on what’s going on.

While I have considerable experience being a web account user, and I’ve been a web and desktop application developer for over a decade. However, I’m new to adminstering web hosting and using Virtualmin I’d like to get clarity on some basic issues.

I’m using a Rackspace Server with CentOS, and my intention is to maintain 3-5 virtual servers. I only need Tomcat to work on one virtual server. I do want MySql and all of the VirtualMin modules to work on all VS’s though.

I would like to ensure that VirtualMin and Tomcat don’t have any negative impact on each other AND that I don’t allow any security holes in the process. So far, we’ve taken an existing VS setup that has tomcat already installed and an application installed within it. Then we installed VirtualMin, which rendered the application within tomcat non-functional.

Any and all input and advice are greatly appreciated.


How did you go about setting up Virtualmin?

Typically, it’s only recommended to use the script on a new server install, not an install with existing sites running on it.

While using the script will give you the most complete and functional Virtualmin installation, it’s only meant for running on new server installs – as it is likely to cause breakage of any existing live sites (a warning to that effect pops up whenever running the installation script though :slight_smile:

Outside of that – Virtualmin doesn’t have anything built into it to assist in managing a Tomcat setup… however, it also doesn’t do anything that should interfere with one.

If you were to setup a domain using Virtualmin, and you manually setup that domain to work with Tomcat, it should work just fine.



Thanks for your reply. After doing it the “wrong” way initially, we wiped out the server and started from scratch. We used the script, and we’re going to (manually) install tomcat in a virtual server created by virtualmin.

Is there any good reference material on how to ensure that machines are locked up tight (security-wise) using VirtualMin?

thanks again for your help.

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