TLSv1.3 and Webadmin

I have as a server:
CentOS 7
I have updated Openssl to 1.1.1
How is it now possible to initiate TLSv1.3
I have checked under Webadmin > WebConfiguration> SSL Encryption>
I could not find anything listed.
SSLLabs test shows that TLSv1.3 is still not running.
Any ideas are appreciated.



the TLSv1.3 encryption standard is nothing that is configured in Webmin, but what the Apache server brings with it. This is only valid from the software version min. >2.4.36.

My Apache server has version 2.4.39 on a Ubuntu system and TLSv1.3 is now supported.

If you can upgrade your Apache server, SSLLabs will also confirm this in the test.


Thanks, Mick,
The version I have on Centos 7 is 2.4.6 but it seems trying to update that is not recommended but not sure why. Still just learning all this at 50ys old. Taking me a bit.

Well any info is good info thanks for the help mick

Perhaps wait a bit until Centos 8 is out - its Apache version is v2.4.37

Shouldn’t have too long to wait as it usually comes soon(ish) after RHEL 8 - you can see the status of v8 here: