Timezone setting in Webmin (Virtualmin Installation) / Apache Settings / Theme


my application told me i should set the timezone correctly in php.ini and i tried to in the Webminpart of Virtualmin.

So i opened the php menu item in Webmin, navigated to other settings and chose my timezone.

I clicked on save and Webmin told me: Don’t know which file to add this to (or something similar) :slight_smile:

I know which file, but when i set this manually it usually won’t work at all. My application logs this error all few seconds, so filling the log file with crap.

Secondly: in older times there was a button on Apache global settings in Webmin, where i could restart apache with, after adding modules. This seems to have gone away, so i need to either service apache2 restarat in command line or in Webmin server status page?

Last but not least:

I like the new theme, but i would also like having a little more contrast, i. e.: Sometimes you cannot identify the fields you are looking for for entering parameters. If you don’t like borders, which i understand, perhaps you can use some soert of grey to show the field input more prominently. Also: If you open letsencrypt settings, you can hardly see the options correctly (manualy renew or automatic renew, whereas the field where you set the months is located BEHIND the manually option, and if it’s empty, you cant see it as well.

Oh, one last thing:

If i search for packages in apt Webmin) and click on it, it would be great if the option “Install from apt” would be checked too. If you have a lot of packages you install by this, sometimes you miss to click on the according radio button, :slight_smile:

Anyway, this is my favourite software solution :slight_smile:

PS: If i try to access a new setup virtualmin server, which uses letsencrypt) with couldmin (latest version) it does not accept the letsencrypt certifacte, since the ca can’t be trusted?