Timezone for date displays

Probably an easy answer I’m sure, but I’m stumped what format to use to change the time preference in usermin.

The options for “Timezone for date displays” are “System default” or fill in the blank. What’s it need here for a Pacific coast client?

Heh, there’s a level of “intuitiveness” lacking there, eh? :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have absolutely no idea what the expected input of that field should be, and if that’s the case, there’s no way at all that Joe user could be expected to know either.

So I hereby dub that a user interface bug :slight_smile:

What I recommend doing is filing a bug report using the bugs and issues tracker below, and put in it that you have no idea what to enter in that field, and that the timezone question should be a select list, not a text box.


Thanks Eric,

I’ve submitted a bug report.


The setting should be for Best Coast, USA should be… America/Los_Angeles

This may be an accurate list… http://drupal.org/node/291799

Perfect! Thanks for the tip.