time on status page

Would it be possible to display the local system time on the server status page?

depending on where I am working from I find it useful to have the time of the local machine available.

maybe show other time zone feature too? Not needed as much though.

if the time is incorrect a link to check time server configuration would be nice too.

Just some thoughts.

Hey William,

Hmmm…I never even thought of putting time on the system information page. I guess that’s why we keep you pesky users around. :wink:

To go one further, it might be nice to have a pluggable slot on the front page, where you can put anything you want, via simple templating or something. Or maybe we’ll just add the time, and be done with it. I’ll file a wish and see what Jamie thinks.

I’ve just committed a change to display the time, which should appear in the next release of the theme.

Wow, great, thats going to be really helpful for me and I hope others.


I like it too, and this may be too much to ask, but can we make it tick? :slight_smile:

If the status page is left open for a while, having the wrong/stale time there can be confusing.

Hey Alan,

That one will probably fall to me. All of the dynamic JavaScript stuff tends to fall on my plate. :wink:

I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks again for this, amazing how the little things can make a differance.

I noticed it is not on the server admin system information, its only on the system information when I am logged in as root, is that by design?

Im not too worried about it ticking, it would be nice if it can easily be done, but I just click the system information link and then I know its current, its not like I need it to tell time, I just might need it occasionally to make sure system time is staying accurate.

Hey William,

I noticed it is not on the server admin system information, its only on the system information when I am logged in as root, is that by design?

Probably not particularly intended…just an accident of where it is on the page. I’ll see about getting it moved out of the “only shown to root” section.

Ticking is actually possible and not too difficult to do. It’ll probably make it in before too long, as well. Although, I probably ought to make it an option…I hate things moving on my pages, and I’m guessing I’m not the only one.

You both have good points about the ticking. I tend to leave my web pages open for a long time, so I thought it might be confusing to come back to the status page and always see the stale time. However, as William said, the page can be refreshed manually.

Part of the reason I requested the ticking is because the seconds are displayed, which implies accuracy. Yet this time cannot possibly be accurate if it doesn’t tick, especially because it is already wrong by the time the page is loaded. So, I would prefer to remove the seconds if the time is to remain static.

With a static time displayed on the info page you know that the information is correct as of the time shown. If the time ticks then the information is out of sync with the time shown. imho having a ticking time would be misleading.