This script cannot be installed... error

I have a new dedicated server running CentOS with Webmin installed by my ISP. I installed then upgraded Virtualminpro 3.58.

I have set up a domain and want to put Joomla on it.

Problem: I click on Install Scripts > Joomla. I get the following message:

"This script cannot be installed, as it requires PHP version 4 or 5."

PHP is installed already, yes? otherwise nothing would run? Is that right?

So, what to do? I see others have had a similar issue, but have resolved it by altering some config file. Is there some magic option in Webmin that will do this? (everything else seems so simple).<br><br>Post edited by: governor, at: 2008/06/16 08:19

Oops. It seems PHP is not installed on my server. I assume too much.

For anyone else having this problem [on CentOS] just type in:
yum install php
Everything worked seemlessly after that.