This forum sw and the freekin double posts

What is the cause of this? I used to think it double posted when I hit the back arrow in the browser after making a post, but it does it even if I just hit the submit and sit there. Im using current Firefox.

Thanks and sorry for the dupes,

Hey Steve,

It bites me sometimes too. For some reason, it sometimes triggers a popup asking if you want to submit the post information…if you click OK, it double posts. It’s crap, I know. I’m hoping the new version of the forums component doesn’t exhibit the problem…I’m just swamped with the FreeBSD release, the Fedora 8 release, and the VM2 release at the moment, so I’ve been neglecting the website.

It’s likely a problem with whatever SEO URL rewriting component you are using.

I’ve had good success with sh404SEF, but not used it with a fireboard forum. You might try excluding the forum component from SEO if that’s possible with what you’re using… but your forum posts would definitely take a while to re-index on search engines, if that’s important to you.