There is no way to cancel a subscription. Why? Please cancel it for me

I subscribed month to month because I wanted to experiment to see if my current web site will run under Virtualmin and if Virtualmin’s email functions have added the ability to use filters recently. It won’t run my web site, filters are not yet available, and I want to end the experiment.

I click My Account. It takes me to the dashboard. Nothing there about cancelling.

I click My Account>Software Licenses and there is this:
“Need help with license upgrades, renewals, or cancellations? Check the license FAQ.

I click the FAQ link. Here is what the FAQ says:
“How do I cancel a recurring license?
Licenses can be canceled in your Virtualmin account.”

So I’m now full circle, back to the dashboard.

Please cancel my subscription (4259) and stop charging my credit card. Thanks very much.

Once you’ve done that, please take a few minutes to update the FAQ so it doesn’t just send people on a wild goose chase.

Sorry for the confusing docs. You can cancel your own subscriptions. But I’ll take care of it for you.

For anyone else searching for answers on this:

To cancel a subscription, click on “My Account”, then “Software Licenses”, then find the license you want to modify (cancel, upgrade/downgrade) and click the subscription number in the Subscription column. The resulting page will have Cancel, Change Payment, and Renew Now buttons. Click cancel to cancel.

You can also get to the Subscription by clicking “Orders”, and then the relevant order number, and then the Subscription in the Related Subscriptions section of the page. That will take you to the same Subscriptions page mentioned above, with the same buttons for cancelling/changing.

On subscriptions with more than one license, you can click an “X” beside the specific item in order to remove it from the subscription without canceling the whole subscription.

I’ll update the docs to be more clear about how to cancel.

I have cancelled your subscription and refunded your payment from October 9th. Thanks for giving Virtualmin a try.

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