Theme cannt work in mobile phone

OS type and version 20.04.3
Webmin version 1.984
Virtualmin version 6.17-3
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I can’t open the left menu and bell menu in the mobile firefox edition (android 10 and the latest firefox).

In Android 10, you can invoke Google Assistant and say ’ Screenshot ’ to take a screenshot to illustrate what you mean when you say ’ can’t open '.

Does the hamburger menu not display? Or does it display but remains dormant when you tap it?

Do you experience the same issue on another phone. Do you experience the same issue on the same phone but on a different browser like Chrome?

When i start tapping it remains dormant

In this interrogation, we will wear you down by asking the same questions again and again till you have answered them all.

We have many years of experience doing such things. Resistance is futile.

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It works just fine for me in Chrome on Android 12.

If you switch between desktop/mobile displays from hamburger menu in Firefox, does it change anything? What Firefox version do you have installed on your Android phone?

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We’ve been grilling him for three days, @Ilia but it is not working. @anuj9122 has taken the omerta. He will not talk.

Thanks, Ilia for guiding me. It working fine in google chrome.

@calport. Not working in the mobile firefox edition.

Please have a look

What is the Firefox mobile edition version?

Just tried using Firefox mobile v97.1.0, and had no issues in Virtualmin on my phone (Galaxy S21, Android 12).

Hint: @toreskev made Firefox mobile v97.1.0 an offer it could not refuse.

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There is a problem with my phone. Sorry. Thanks for helping me.

LMAO!!! You owe me a new keyboard.

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