Theme and language in usermin

Hi, I have two issues in usermin, perhaps you can help…

Where can I find new usermin themes? I have a cool ajax theme for webmin, but I didn’t find any cool usermin theme.

And second issue… it seems many translations are missing… any way to update the translations? I’m using usermin in french, and for example the filter and forward module is only in english…

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Most theme developers don’t spend time making the theme work with Usermin…so not much besides the Virtualmin Framed Theme exists for Usermin. As far as I know, none of the themes other than Virtualmin Framed really address Virtualmin usage cases.

The good news is that a new theme for Usermin and Virtualmin/Webmin is coming soon. It has multiple color schemes, to boot. You’ll like it.

We’d love to have help with translations. There’s documentation about making translations for Webmin and Usermin here:

Let us know if you have any questions, and we’ll be happy to help. We’ll jump through hoops to help you help us with translations.<br><br>Post edited by: Joe, at: 2007/09/10 22:53

How close is this to being completed? I am very interested to know. =)

I’m, hopefully, a couple of hours from rolling the new theme out for Webmin (it works in Usermin, too, but hasn’t been polished for Usermin yet, so some things are ugly, still). The new theme is AJAX, and makes use of some rather advanced stuff–JSON, in particular, which needs a binary Perl module. So, once the binary builds are finished, I’ll roll the new theme out for folks to try out. It won’t become the default for another revision, or two, since it’s still only really tested by me. But I’ve been using it for a week or so, now and it seems to actually work as well as the current theme.


so, where is it? :slight_smile:

I got side-tracked after releasing a rough version of it a few months back. But, I’m working on nothing else between now and when it’s actually finished. I expect it to be ready for use in about 10 days (this time I really mean it). And this time it will be usable in production.

You’d better have it ready before Chicago or Jamie will be most upset with you… :slight_smile:

Nice! I can’t wait for it :slight_smile:
If you need any tester, I will be glad to try it out and give some feedback!

You'd better have it ready before Chicago or Jamie will be most upset with you..

Actually, Jamie cares almost nothing about UI stuff. Which is why I’m the one that works on making the themes look nicer. :wink:

But, I’m definitely wanting to have it ready to show off at YAPC. I’ve been talking a lot lately about about Perl’s image problem, and the fact that Perl projects often ignore design as a problem worthy of attention. If I haven’t solved that problem satisfactorily for Webmin and Virtualmin, I can’t really get indignant when other people produce ugly software.

Joe can you send me a updated tarball for the ajax theme ? I still have the old one which is really broken and I am sure you got a newer version to send me.

The current version is more broken than the preview release. :wink:

I ripped everything out and converted over to an entirely client-side drawn UI and removed the iframe dependency. This conversion was needed to make it work nice and fast, but it also means it’s a “drink the Kool-aid” kind of change…I have to do everything in the new way, or it all falls apart.

I’m about 50% of the way through converting the ui-lib to work this way, and it’ll be another week or so before things actually work at all (right now, buttons and links within module pages don’t do anything, as I haven’t hooked them back up to events yet). But, if you thought the preview release looked cool (even though it didn’t really work), the stuff I’m working on now will blow you away.

The moment it actually works, I’ll do another preview release. And an actual working release will come a few days after.

me getting excited :slight_smile:

/me drools :slight_smile:

Has this been released?
I am looking to switch from my PLesk host to my own server running Virtualmin, but I was thinking remaining with Roundcube. Before I go about transfering over 600 email addresses to Roundcube, I would like to see if this new interface to Usermin is working…

uhhh roundcube doesn’t need any accounts transfered – it uses system files – who told you you had to transfer them ?

If the users exist in /etc/passwd they already have access to roundcube.

I understand that part, but Roundcube does work off a Mysql database that needs to be transferred. Not that its a huge undertaking, but I am interested in this user interface before I bother transferring it.

The ajax theme ? Your guess is a good as mine – we have all been waiting for this theme but waiting is a moot point really.

Is there a special way to create translations or can i just copy the en file to a desired other language and start translating the strings?

Is there a special way to create translations or can i just copy the en file to a desired other language and start translating the strings?

See here:

Ask questions whenever you have them. We love translations.

Note that Virtualmin has quite a bit of language text hidden in the Virtualmin Framed Theme directory, as well (virtual-server-theme). Same directory structure and file format, so nothing tricky. Some folks just don’t know that themes can have languages too.