Theme 20.01.1:5 not working quite as expected

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 22.04.1
Webmin version 2.001
Usermin version 1.860
Virtualmin version 7.3-1
Authentic theme version 20.01.1:5

Under General Defaults I have set:
Default tab after logging in to Webmin: Virtualmin
Load default page on tab switch: yes

Default page for Webmin: Dashboard
Default page for Virtualmin: Dashboard

I have saved and cleared cache.

BUT on login it still loads the Webmin page ?
Have I missed a trick?

The default page seems to work (when I switch between Webmin and Virtualmin) but not the tab (on loading/loggin goes to Webmin every time)

Just upgraded (as prompted) Virtualmin (7.5-1) + Webmin (2.001) packages (including virtualmin.config) and was expecting this little bug to have been squashed in the bug fixes.

I don’t know why I find this so irritating … it just is!

It only prompts you to update if you’ve forced an update in the past (and I’ve encouraged Ilia to make that a more difficult state to be in…I’d like everyone using the packaged version of everything).

Sorry Joe. Perhaps my English is failing me in old age I guess it wasn’t too clear. I had one of those red badges on the dashboard before All installed packages are up to date and being a good boy I did the usual click and it suggested installing Virtualmin Webmin and Virtualmin.conf - which I did. They all installed without hiccup so the Dashboard now indicates v7.5-1 (presumably the latest and best)
I don’t think I have “forced” an update just accepted the latest. Was I wrong to do this? I do (have always) checked for package updates every day (long before using Virtualmin) and generally apply them asap.

Ah, Virtualmin virrtual-server module does not update the theme or Webmin, and Webmin 2.001 has been out for a couple/few months. If you have a theme bug fixed recently, it would not be in 2.001.

I misunderstood you, through no fault of yours. I read the title and thought you had updated the theme independently of the Webmin package.

There is a theme update in the next Webmin version 2.011 coming soon.

Sometimes the English language is just confusing (even more so on the net). I think I may have started a wormhole (or something like that!) Sure, my choice of title didn’t help. Perhaps I should start again.

First off, I hardly ever go to the Webmin tab - by choice - Note: this has nothing to do with anything negative about Webmin - far from it - just don’t concern myself with it. So every session I login to check on the status of each box and am immediately taken to the Webmin dashboard - NOT where I want to go AND not where I set in the theme (v 20.01.1:5) - where I set the default to the Dashboard for both Webmin AND Virtualmin

BTW I did not realise that the theme was part of Webmin and not Virtualmin - as I only interact with Virtualmin I naturally interact with the theme by the click through on the Virtualmin dashboard. So naturally, I misunderstood the update to Virtualmin from 7.3-1 to 7.5-1 (through the package update) would bring with it this simple fix to the theme.

My mistake!

The theme update comes with Webmin (and despite there was also a Webmin package update this was not an update to version and therefore not an update to the theme. So I now see that is where my confusion happened. There is an update to theme BUT not yet released so you thought I had somehow “forced” it. The updates to Virtualmin did not update the theme - I guessed they would (a BAD assumption on my part)

Although I find being dumped into Webmin a nuisance, it can certainly wait for the official release theme upgrade. It only affects me every session once at login so not the end of the world. There must be more irksome and urgent bugs to squash.

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