thejax theme debian


How can I install thejax theme for virtualmin pro on debian?

Thank you very much

Wait a bit. :wink:

It’s not ready for production use on any platform, but will be soon, and when it is it’ll be in all repositories for easy installation.

me gives joe some cookies :slight_smile:

what’s the status on this one?
me eager to test :slight_smile:

Still working on it. It always proves much more complicated than I expected. The Webmin code where this stuff operates is really old, and never really intended to accommodate dramatically different UI models, so we’re having to rewrite significant portions of Webmin to actually work with the new UI–since we can’t roll out a theme that doesn’t work with Webmin (because huge swaths of Virtualmin functionality are actually Webmin), it pretty much has to wait until it all works.

Believe me, I’m more eager to have the new theme out the door than anyone. This thing is killing me. :wink: