The virtual Servers not response.

i Have 2 domains registred on and a VPS on Digital Ocean

i create a glue records for on namesilo
the its in DO

i create A records for the 3 ip’s of DO

Change the NS Record from to

Now i go to namesilo, and chege the nameserver for domain2

in the domain2 i put

Now i make the dns test

for domain1 its perfect.

For domain2 say

No name servers found for
Received answer from
A search was performed starting with the root servers, but no NS records were found for this domain.
Try again as the name servers for this domain may have been busy and didn’t respond in time. If this error persists, there may be a problem with your name servers.

The i need to add in some place in Digital Ocean??

I Already create the Virtual Server in Virtual min for domain2

if i try to make a ping to not working.

i need to add of something about the in Digital Ocean ??? or why the not response?



You may want to use something like to get a DNS report for your domain. That can be very helpful in diagnosing DNS problems.

If that doesn’t help, it might be helpful to know the domain in question so we can do some testing. You can always edit it out of your comment later if you like :slight_smile: