The requested URL /google-web-developer/AAA-Logo-Transparent-Background-e1401413630752.png was not found on this server.

i cannot understand this…The requested URL /google-web-developer/AAA-Logo-Transparent-Background-e1401413630752.png was not found on this server.

well actually the bloody file is on the damn server…im looking at it in file manager in the exact location as shown above!!!

I have another directory in public_html called /images. I can navigate to images in that folder no problem.
Also have another directory in public_html/pdf-files/. I can easily navigate any pdf documents in that directory too.

i have checked permissions = 0755
ownership is my user:usergroup (same as all other image folders and files in public_html that i can navigate to)

i am struggling to understand wtf is wrong?

in the end i created a new directory in public_html/advertising-scripts/ and copied the files from my google web developer ad into the new directory.
Its all working now.
I will be stuffed if i can figure out what was wrong with the original directory??