"The procmail command in the Postfix configuration does not exist"

Operating system: Ubuntu Server (Raspberry Pi/ARM version)
OS version: 20.04.2 LTS

I’m having an error after making a fresh installation of Virtualmin onto my Raspberry Pi, when you run the configuation check, it says at the bottom “The procmail command in the Postfix configuration does not exist.” for some unknown reason.

I downloaded a fresh copy of my OS, updated all the packages as required, etc. And I followed all steps in the documentation on installing virtualmin, ran through the initial setup, but I cant seem to understand why I am getting this error.

I’ve found one or two threads on this, something to do with “procmail-wrapper” but this doesn’t seem to be the case from what I can gather, as when I try to install it manually via SSH, it wont let me.

Are you absolutely sure the installation completed? This usually happens because the installation didn’t complete.

The installer prints out a running tally of stages and steps (e.g. [12/23]). If every one of them didn’t finish and produce a green check or “OK” (quotas might produce a yellow status, which is harmless), it didn’t finish and you need to figure out why, fix the problem and re-run the missed steps or reinstall. Any red steps or steps that didn’t run (e.g. the last step you see is labeled [21/23] instead of [23/23]) means something broke. Check the install log for clues.

Note the number of steps varies, depending on options and OS. But it’ll always say how many are expected.

Oh, wait! You can’t run the installer on a Pi! We don’t support Arm architecture. Says so everywhere, on the download page and the install script itself.

I’ve ran the installer fine, at least I don’t recall seeing any errors? I’m not running Raspian or anything, but just the Raspberry Pi specific image from Ubuntu. Would there be any way of retrieving the installation log and perhaps I could sift through it and spot any errors?

There are no binary packages for Arm in our repos. I promise it didn’t run fine.

It mostly will work, but mail won’t, and jails won’t. If you don’t need mails and you don’t need jails, go for it.

If you need mail, you’ll need to configure it yourself. None of the Virtualmin user and domain related features will work though, because procmail has to be able to start as root and switch to the domain owner or user (that’s procmail-wrapper, a binary package that we provide that doesn’t exist for Arm, yet).

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Ah ok, I think I’m with you. No problem, thank you though! :slight_smile:

If you’re comfortable building packages, the procmail-wrapper source package is probably in our repos somewhere (though I don’t know if I figured out how to publish deb source packages…there may only be SRPMs…it is the simplest possible program thought…literally one tiny C file, but to has to be setuid as part of the install).

Joe, so if I remove the mail services, it will work fine; is that what you are saying? I intended to use it as a low cost web server for my small comapany. Raspberry 4 B seem to be powerful enough to run even quite heavey Debian sites

OK, I’ve the answer myself. If I take away the mailservice, the Virtualmin check will not validate so Virtualmin on Raspberry is not possible due to the ARM CPU.

You did it wrong. :wink:

In Features and Plugins, disable mail-related features. You can’t take away services without telling Virtualmin you don’t want to use them, and then expect config check to be happy.

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Wow! Thanks!

Can I trust there will be no problems in the future now when doing upgrades?

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