The message could not be sent using SMTP {server} for an unknown reason - SMTP Authetication fails

Hi There,
I have recently moved the server on to a new installation of Virtualmin +CentOS 7 and I cannot longer send email using Thunderbird.
I have tried all possible settings however I still cannot figure out how to solve the problem.
When trying to send an email using Thunderbird:
First I receive an window asking to enter the password. If I enter the password it ask again and again …
If click to cancel and close the window then I get a error saying The message could not be sent using SMTP {server} for an unknown reason
These are last 2 lines in /var/log/maillog

Feb 10 01:59:49 [user] postfix/smtpd[1556]: warning: [ip+hosting connecting][IP connecting]: SASL PLAIN authentication failed: generic failure
Feb 10 01:59:50 [user] postfix/smtpd[1556]: warning: SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to saslauthd server: No such file or directory

Has anyone come across this before? any solution?

Thank you


It sounds like it’s not able to restart the saslauthd service. You may want to restart that, and see if that helps.

If you’d like a hand with how to do that, let us know what distro/version you are using.


Thank you Eric,

That was it. For some reason saslauthd service stopped and I didn’t pick it up.

I restarted saslauthd service from Webmin / System / Bootup and Shutdown.

CentOS 7
Webmin 1.730
Virtualmin 4.14gpl