The CentOS Stream rolling nightmare and best supported OSes - what future do the devs envision for Cloudmin/Virtualmin/Webmin?

Hi, I was mortified this morning as I read this article confirmed by this post CentOS 8 will be no more and goodbye 9 and all the well-known/familiar strategy and release cycles. We will get a rolling distro.

So I hope the devs here will jump into this topic with your thoughts on the stable OSes you intend to support, as our choices will definitely be influenced by you, the Virtualmin team. And maybe have an official public stance?

I mean: in the light of this new developments, what is/will be your premium OS, the king of stability that better runs the panels? Because it seems to me CentOS should be abandoned or dimmed less and less important if it becomes a damn server rolling distro… Not really against them, as I kinda like them - but surely not on a web hosting server!

Are you taking into account Rocky Linux, by the original CentOS dev as the new RHEL community clone? Will you expand support for the likes of openSUSE that shares now the same stable base with SLES? Will you rather go Debian (and/or Ubuntu - but I’d rather keep Canonical out of… anything really)?

This is super important for me, as I just witnessed my beloved OS thrown to the trash bin of history. But I guess for everyone here too, that used to build on the legendary CentOS stability. Really looking forward for your thoughts.

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The is already a thread about this.

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Can someone move this there, seems I missed it, looked first but not very hard it seems?

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