Thanks To Virtualmin 2023

Ok, my server migration is complete (except for one stubborn user that can’t figure out his domain MFA login). It would’ve only taken an hour but my resellers like to do the DNS changes in small groups.

I had an old Debian 9 system from IONOS. Purchased a new Debian 11 system from them. Installed Virtualmin Pro on it. Did the terminal full backup on the old system, sent the tarballs to the 11 system via sftp, did the gui restore from that folder… up and running… FLAWLESS! The users had no idea we had even moved to a new server. I loved how Virtualmin backup/restore handled PHP configurations… wow… I had completely different versions of PHP on each server and Virtualmin translated perfectly!

I only had to tweak the dovecot config (the wildcard config doesn’t work with my setup).

Once again, my thanks go out to the Virtualmin Team, keep up the great work!!


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