Thank You Virtualmin

Hello Folks!
just wanted to thank you for this amazing piece of software.
Im Using Webmin/Virtualmin since the beginning for mostly personal projects or dev testing under localhost VM.

three weeks ago i had a very bad experience with a HETZNER Dedicated Server (it was running WHM & Cpanel) … and after a lot of troubles and madness ive migrated to an AWS EC2 Instance and decided to trash Cpanel , WHM , DirectAdmin and start from scratch with a new polished and perfectly fitted Virtualmin.

Actually the EC2 is running very well , no problems encountered , ive also prepared an S3 Backup Schedule… everything is running perfectly, that’s why my big big THANKS to this piece of amazingness.

i dont need a professional license at the moment but i surely buy one in the near future, (the SES Cloud mailing sounds very interesting).

but if you want i can put my UI UX / Web Dev skills at your disposal for free, i want contribute to this awesome software and community as much as i can.

Thank you again


I second this. Webmin+Virtualmin is a beast compared to literally any other server management system out there.


Excellent post!

I’m in the process of migrating my last-remaining cPanel server to a Virtualmin server I set up a week or so ago. Half of the sites have been migrated already. The others need another going-over, more because of the PHP upgrade than any other reason. (They were built when PHP3 was the current version. :scream: )

The existing server will also run Virtualmin after the OS is upgraded, but will only be handling mail. The client gets an enormous amount of mail, most of which is spam that has to be banished; so I figure splitting off the Web sites from the mail server will improve the Web response time.

I came to Virtualmin a few years ago when cPanel pushed me over the edge with a price increase. I spun up a VPS and started testing panels. When I got to Virtualmin, I liked it and stopped looking. Fortunately, I wasn’t testing them in alphabetical order.



me too ---- THANK YOU !! I really need to convince my boss that we need at least one PRO license as a way to show support.


It shouldn’t be a big expense :slight_smile: