Text login - AjaxTerm - cannot save a config change

finally looking at the 2.xxx webmin releases … upgraded via the VirtualMin repos to webmin 2.001 — which I think is the newest one in the VirtualMin repo.

Under Webmin – Tools – Text Login ---- I find the AjaxTerm utility, with proper credit at the bottom of the display to Antony Lesuisse.

As with many modules, at the top left is the button Module Config (or a gear icon). When trying to view the config using the Authentic Theme, my screen immediately displays

Require ajaxterm/ajaxterm-lib.pl failed : Died at (eval 327) line 1.

and when using the VirtualMin Framed Theme, I do get the two configurable items listed, but when clicking on SAVE, I receive

Failed to save config :

Require ajaxterm/ajaxterm-lib.pl failed : Died at (eval 93) line 1.

I am embarrassed to say, I have a VERY old server where it all does work – the config file /etc/webmin/ajaxterm/config gets updated properly.

Is AjaxTerm being phased out, perhaps its gone already in webmin 2.010 and this is a moot point once 2.010 is vetted and available in the VirtualMin repos?

That config file just has two lines, one being of the virtual shell should auto-login as ROOT – if I manually edit that item and toggle it back and forth – 1/0 – AjaxTerm does honor it and do what you would expect.


Now that I have taken a minute, I have a not-so-old system running webmin 1.981, on there the SAVE button works fine.

Makes me wonder if my test RedHat server has some issues of its own :slight_smile:

Tried another server, this time running webmin 1.999 – it fails there.

Don’t bother with AJAXTerm. The next release of Webmin (which is kinda delayed due to finding new bugs) has a full-featured modern WebSockets terminal built-in…without hacky backend stuff.

Edit: To be clear, it may be another day or two, but we’re not going to spend any time on AJAXTerm at this point…it was never great, and we’re within hours or days of having something great in core Webmin, so I’m not even going to think about AJAXTerm ever again, and I’d encourage you to do the same.

ok !! I will be patient … I suppose that will be webmin 2.011 or 2.012, or even 2.020.

I will keep an eye on the VirtualMin repos as well as perhaps the NEWS category (or WebMin) at https://forum.virtualmin.com :slight_smile:

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