Text Console, Client Login - Console Connection Closed


I’ve installed Cloudmin GPL on a Debian 5 server, it already had some virtualized instances on it but I’ve now created some more too.

I’m not able to use the Text Console, Client Login with any of the machines, it gives a message that I’m connected to the the host, but then shortly after it shows Console Connection Closed.

I’m wondering if you could shed any light on this? I’m also having problems with the VNC display but that could be something to do with pvm or xen as I can’t see any vnc ports listing, I’m not really concerned about that if I can get the Text based version to work.

The AJaxTerm (root login) works if Webmin is installed, but not all of the machines will have webmin so this isn’t an alternative afaik.

Thanks in advance,

I’ve now noticed that if the system is aware of the root password or has a SSH key then the RootLogin option will work, I suppose that will sort of fix the issue unless there’s a fix for the Text Console Login.