Testing OpenSolaris

Hi, i’m testing Virtualmin with OpenSolaris 2009.6.
and when i create a new virtualhost i get this:

Applying FTP server configuration …
… failed : Not running

Re-loading Webmin …
… done

Saving server details …
… done

Sending email notification to domain owner …
Failed to create virtual server : No mail program was found on your system!

If i try to establish a ftp connection the error is:
“ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server”.

In /opt/csw/etc/proftpd.conf the virtualhost is it.

Any idea?

Yea start your ftp server up from the virtualmin main page, and install mail for domain from features and plugins under system settings in virtualmin.

Thanks!! i think now all is ok, but i dont know where is the correct format to login into the virtual host ftp account. I think is simple, but dont know, alway ftp login error.

if is relevant, the domain is a 3th level domain:

The login is user@domain.org, user@domain ??
Is possible configure the user login format, but i dont know how, in what virtualmin option.

Thanks for your help.

PD- Excuse my English, i’m spanish :slight_smile:

EDIT: And when i try to establish an ftp connection, the server dont ping withing 5minutes.
It’s possible any brute force protection in my server?

EDIT2: The server dont send mails
Failed to send mail : No mail program was found on your system!
In Webmin > Servers > Read User Mail > Module > ‘Mail server installed’ is set to ‘Postfix’ y try to autodetect, and always same error.

as far as the credentials to login, use “user.domain”

or use, “domain.org.es”

as for the format, you can set this for new clients at Virtualmin - system settings - server templates, choose your template (often default template)
scroll to mail for domain and look at the bottom of that page. Format for usernames that include domain

I dont know anything about opensolaris but do you have proftp and postfix installed on the server and are the paths correct in the modules?