Test page is not viewable! Please help me

Hi everyone

My problem was that when I test my website from another computer it appear to be download file not view from the browser(FireFox). I mean when i got to my server address it pop up a download box with my file name asking me to downlaod it onto my computer? It suppose to view the page straight away not download the php file?.

Something I thought of is I did update both Ubuntu Server Jaunty and Virtualmin Pro to the latest version I think
Tried Ubuntu and Window Vista version of firefox and both appear to give me the download thing. I think that that my second computer was not to blame but appear to be the server fault being messed up or something.

But do anyone one think that the update was it fault? or is me doing something wrong?

I do appriated someone’s help give me advice how to fix the problem.


So you’re saying it once worked for this particular Virtual Server, and later stopped working?

Do you see any errors in the Apache log, in $HOME/logs/error_log?


according to another post Ubuntu forgets to install php5 after an update of apache. Check if it is still there, per haps update/install php

Jaunty isn’t exactly the server OS to go.

Thanks guys for the quick responses

I thought Jaunty is the stable release for Server platform for both private and commercial? Sorry if this has already had been discussed in another topic but anyway it sound like this post might correct my problem that php5 was forgotten after the update of apache. Previously before the updates that messed up my “view file”, everything went like a charm.

Again couple of minutes after I submitted the topic to explain my problem, I went and reinstalled my Server fresh (LAMP), updated to the latest version of every server function such as mysql, and tested the page from another machine and it works. I spent couple of hours changing the file permssion for /var/www so that Filezilla and Dreamweaver can edit or remove file from that folder and created root password for Mysql ready for database access from another local machine.

It is time consuming to do this kind of stuff! So when I encounter similiar problem in the future such this topic I asked would take these answers into consideration.

Check for errors in Apache log $HOME/logs/error_log (Eric)
update/install php (Ronald)

Thanks guys


I thought Jaunty is the stable release for Server platform for both private and commercial?

While I don’t know if this is the exact cause of the issue you’re seeing, I can offer that Jaunty is not officially supported by Virtualmin, since it’s not an LTS release. The supported life-time of the distro is considered to be too short for servers.

The officially supported distros are listed at install time when using the install.sh script, as well as here:


One of the issues you may run into, is that Virtualmin doesn’t offer a software repository for Jaunty – so some of the packages available to Ubuntu 8.04 wouldn’t be available on 9.04.

Of note, is that Virtualmin supplies a version of Apache that makes use of /home for suexec, which wouldn’t be available when using Jaunty.


So that mean I have to wait for the release support for Jaunty in near future?

As I am assume that it only last six months and than move on to the next version which would be 9.10 which make the life cycle too short to support that type of type for Ubuntu?

Sorry that I am kind of optimistic about OS version and when looking at Ubuntu 9.04 is a big number for improvement and capability for Ubuntu series and not looking at what you told me! Short support cycle for Ubuntu version.

Due to that fact I had been with Ubuntu family both Desktop and Server for eight months and getting along quite well but still refer me as noob to the codes etc I thought Ubuntu Server is much better than other Server Disto out there but am I wrong?



Unfortunately, Joe has mentioned a few times in here that it’s not on the radar to support non-LTS Ubuntu versions.

Regular (non-LTS) Ubuntu releases are supported by Canonical with security updates for about a year and a half, which is short for a server.

With that issue, along with the amount of work that goes into maintaining packages for a distribution, Joe isn’t planning on providing packages for any non-LTS release anytime soon.

I’m with you, I enjoy using Ubuntu on the server and desktop.

But the way I do it is to run the LTS release on my servers (which will be supported through 2012), which provides long-term stability – and I run the newer versions on my desktop for the new-fangled features and super-up-to-date packages.



I just downloaded Ubuntu 8.04.3 Server LTS yesterday on my 28kb speed! So yeah will install that when it is complete and virtualmin should support it as stated.

Imagine Ubuntu 20.4! Lionheart that would be release in 2020! WOW that would be awsome! Play almost any games such as Crysis 2 and GTA V! Would that be awesome!..Just a dream of the future


unless M$ gets demolished, this will stay a dream.

lol I do agree